The Judicial Police implicates Artur Mas in the illegal financing of CDC



Artur Mas

The former president of the Generalitat and president of the PDeCAT, Artur Mas, during the press conference in which he confirmed that he takes “another step to the side” to leave the presidency of the PDeCAT, a decision he has been meditating for some time, before 1 October. QUIQUE GARCÍA / EFE

The former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia Artur Mas would also be involved in the irregular financing of the campaigns of the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC), according to the report that the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (Udef) of the General Commissariat of Judicial Police and that gathers the newspaper El Mundo .

In this document, which implies for the first time the expresident in this case, the Judicial Police maintains that ” new responsibilities have to be attributed” to Mas for maintaining the system established by Jordi Pujol to finance the providers of the electoral campaigns of the training nationalist. He also considers the ex-treasurer of the party Daniel Osácar responsible for this operation.

Artur Mas, who already appeared a little less than a year ago in the Parliament to give explanations about the alleged irregular financing of CDC, said at that time that it was not “unpolluted” but legal . In addition, earlier this year, the former president declared that he maintains his trust in Osàcar, for whom the prosecutor asks for eight years in prison for the Palau case . “I know him and I still think he’s faultless,” he said in an interview on the program El Objetivo .

Now, the Judicial Police has discovered a new bank guarantee conferred by the Sabadell Bank of Andorra, when Mas was president, to the same companies that carried out electoral events of the CDC during the electoral campaign for the 2000 general elections. El Mundo , the report points out that the guarantors are again stuck in the Pujol environment and among them is the businessman Francesc Robert , ex-partner of Pujol Jr. and former director of Andorran television.

In this sense, Udef considers that this practice of endorsing CDC providers from Andorra with funds under the control of the Pujols and their immediate surroundings remained at least “until February 2006” . So, in addition to extending the responsibility of these facts to Mas, Udef argues that it should also affect former treasurer Daniel Osácar, who controlled the party’s finances “since March 2005”, replacing Carles Torrent, who personally took charge to implement the financing of the referred 2000 elections.

According to the investigators transferred to the judge of the National Court that instructs the Pujol case, José de la Mata, that “thanks to the completion of the judicial requirement” it is known that one of the advertising companies that worked for CDC, Altraforma , benefited from “a loan policy” signed before a notary on March 19, 2004 amounting to 400,000 euros. A money that would entail the collection of the jobs commissioned in the elections four years before and that “had remained dormant since June 2003 until the payment of the new liquidity is recorded”.

An operation that for them was presented as “very suspicious, unrelated to normal economic practice and very similar to what was observed during the investigation of the Palau case”. And is that “the massive release of formal payment instruments such as checks was credited, with the sole purpose of presenting them to collection at the window and subsequently having the cash withdrawals , so that it became impossible to trace the money”.

In this sense, the Udef stresses that “the court ruling recognizes ‘the operational scheme when disguising the transfer of funds with the use of bearer bets made effective at the cashier’s window and then delivered in cash to the treasurer of the political formation’ and that among the merchants involved in this system were Altraforma and Hispart “, entities endorsed by the Pujol.