The Execyl Foundation provides the keys to financing at the service of companies


Fundación Execyl.

Teresa Cetulio, president of Execyl, was in charge of welcoming the attendees by presenting the Commission on the ‘Keys to financing: at the service of companies’.

In his speech, Cetulio has highlighted “the importance of this commission within Execyl, aimed at providing knowledge on essential issues to undertake in the most classic sense, as well as to undertake within the companies themselves. otherwise, part of these core contents and it is a luxury to know first-hand both the strategic plan of Iberaval and the experience and the keys that SMEs use to obtain the necessary financing “.

After the presentation of the day, Cetulio has given way to Pedro Pisonero, general director of Iberaval, who has shelled his Strategic Plan 2017-2019, explaining the operation and direction of this guarantee society and making known what are his priorities, challenges, and objectives that can serve the tool companies in order to obtain financing.

The new Strategic Plan of Iberaval has among its main areas of action the multichannel and digitalization of processes, the expansion of commercial segmentation, the strengthening of strategic alliances and a model of economically sustainable growth.

These are ambitious objectives that, according to statements by Pisonero, “will be articulated through a dozen action plans aimed at strengthening the operation, customer service, and modernization of the entity.”

In this same line, trying to bring companies experiences and guidelines that facilitate a negotiation as fruitful as possible with financial institutions, the director of business development AmbiNor, Mauricio Bermejo, has shared with all present a success story that your company puts into practice when it comes to getting financing in an effective way and within reach of anyone.



“When it comes to managing the financing of a company, the quantity obtained is as important as its quality and the adaptation to the real needs of the company.” In this sense, a good planning is essential, as is establishing an adequate process. work during the negotiation with the entity to obtain conditions that are favorable, “says Bermejo.

Several interventions have served to generate an interesting debate and exchange of experiences regarding the search and negotiation of financing, moderated by Cecale, among the different assistants to the Commission: Michelin, Bodega Laderas de Valverde, Collosa, CaixaBank, Cecale, Confaes, Ediesa Group, Edipro, SpainDuero, Caja de Burgos Foundation, Iberacústica, Interbús, Vital Innova, AmbiNor and Iberaval.

Execyl is a private foundation consolidated as the Forum of reference at a regional level in the exchange of ideas and experiences of companies to achieve excellence in their business models. Efficiency, Innovation, ICT, and Support for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs make up its four main lines of action.

At present, around 65 successful companies from Castilla y León, representative of the different activity sectors, actively belong and collaborate actively with Execyl, seeking to share knowledge and real experiences in order to make this region a collaborative, competitive and sustainable business environment.

Looking to the future, the Execyl Foundation works to break down barriers and lead new ways of doing business, trying to emphasize not only the results but especially how to achieve them.

Iberaval is the guarantee company (SGR) of Castilla y León. It is a non-profit financial entity that provides financing to SMEs, self-employed workers, and entrepreneurs, through guarantees.

It has public participation-the Board, through ADE, has 14 percent of the shareholding and the support of banks and employers, although the bulk of its capital is contributed by the participating partners, which are the entrepreneurs who, for getting a technology dollar loan or credit, become associates.

The great advantage that Iberaval brings is that it lengthens deadlines and reduces costs and types of costs. So, the quota for an Iberaval partner is always lower if it has an endorsement and allows you to amortize amounts in a longer period of time.

In addition, in Castilla y León, the regional government offers financial support and bonuses from programs such as ADE Financia, which has reached its 17th edition this year, and which reinforce that vocation of support for companies.

For its part, AmbiNor is a company oriented to provide companies and administrations with all the technical, legal and administrative support necessary to achieve success in projects with environmental implications or content. This company, which was born in the region 15 years ago, is present in different parts of the national territory, as well as in Central America.